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January 27 - 28
Armed Women Experience

March 2 - 4
Barb's Wild Weekend

March 8 - 11
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

March 11 - 14
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

March 22 - 25
Spring Dude Ranch

March 28 - 31
Spring Dude Ranch

April 9 - 11
Sandy Collier & Barbra Schulte
V6 High Performance Clinic

April 13 - 17
Spring Cowboy Academy

April 19 - 22
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 1 - 5
Wrangler Ride

May 10 - 13
Parkfield Bluegrass Festival

May 10 - 13
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 25 - 27
Parkfield Rodeo

May 31 - June 3
V6 Ranch
Spring Cattle Drive

May 31 - June 3
Lester Buckley
Julie Cross Clinic

June 13 - 16
Richard Winters Horsemanship
All Women’s Horsemanship Retreat

June 16 - 22
Richard Winters Horsemanship
Ride the Rancho

July 30 - August 3
Piper Mackay Photography
Spirit-N-Light Workshop

August 8 - 12
Family Style Cowboy Academy

September 8 - 9

September 20 - 23
Bruce Sandifer
California Vaquero Workshop

October 4 - 7
V6 Ranch Fall
Cattle Drive

October 10 - 14
Fall Cowboy Academy

October 18 - 21
Las Caballeras Fall Ride

October 25 - 28
Fall Dude Ranch

November 1 - 4
Fall Dude Ranch

November 8 - 11
Horsewomen by Grace Ride

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Have you ever asked yourself:
•  How can I help my dog get over his or her fears?
•  What can I do about my dog’s aggression issues?
•  How do I get my dog to behave better even when distracted?

Have you ever wished:
•  You could trust your dog off leash?
•  Your dog could behave like a “service dog?”
•  You could take your dog with you places, but you don't because they aren't trained well enough?.

Getting your dog's attention is the first step!
Become an expert, I'll show you how!  

Although every dog, every person and every situation is different, what you are looking for is the same end result; happy, relaxed, well-behaved dogs.  Each owner and dog will get personalized training sessions during the Workshop. Owners and observers are strongly encouraged to watch every session, and will have a chance to practice with other dogs as well!  Learning through watching is so effective, we will also be taping some of the training sessions to discuss in the evening. 

With or without a dog you will learn things you've never realized before about  dog behavior. You’ll gain a greater understanding about dog communication, psychology and training. I’ll show you how the same techniques and the “power of a pack” can solve a whole variety of issues in any dog, any age.  

What’s included:
In addition to the training, The Workshop includes all meals and beverages, including beer and wine, from dinner Thursday through breakfast Sunday. Entertainment will be provided Saturday night. There is plenty of room for camping  at the Blue Oaks Horse Camp at no extra charge. Showers, bathrooms and kitchen facilities are available in this beautiful campground nestled in oak trees.Travel trailors, campers, tents and RV's are acceptable. RV patrons may use generators. Water hook ups are available, and electricity is available tat the common area of the camp for all campers use. 

There are also accommodations available at the Blue Oaks Horse Camp “Bunkhouse” on the V6 Ranch. Each room has two twin beds. Bathrooms and showers are nearby, as well as a "camping trailer" located on Varian Kennels property which has a private bathroom and shower.  The workshop is in beautiful Parkfield, California, conveniently located in central California. For directions see “information packet.”

Register by email: patriciavarian@gmail.com or call: 805-748-4984 

The V6 Ranch and Family

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